• January 2016
    M T W T F S S
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    Your child’s safety, security and well-being is of utmost importance to us.

    • A waiver form must be completed and signed on arrival.
    • All visitors to our play areas are required to wear socks. Slip proof socks are available for purchase from reception.
    • The playground security gate must remain latched at all times.
    • Children must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the toilet facilities.
    • We provide staff to supervise the children’s activities and play however we encourage parents to join in and actively supervise their children when in the play area. Parents may leave their child under the supervision of our staff for short periods of time to undertake shopping or other activities.
    • Absolutely no food, drink or chewing gum is permitted in the play areas.
    • We request that no outside food or drink be brought into the complex, as a café is part of our facility.
    • No rough play is permitted.
    • Care should be taken at all times when playing on the equipment. No liability is accepted by TKC.
    • All care is taken to ensure our play areas and equipment are regularly maintained & meet safety requirements. Adults are not permitted to ride, jump or climb on the equipment as it has been designed for children!
    • Visitors are required to take responsibility for their personal items – TKC does not accept liability for loss, damage or theft of personal items.
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